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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ok, I finally have Urea, Soda Ash and Alginate,
plus 3 Procion dyes: Emerald Green, Medium Blue, Raspberry

  1. Make Soda Ash solution (1 cup. per gallon of water)
  2. Wet garments, then tie them
  3. Soak garments 5-30 minutes
  4. Add urea to warm water (using chart)
  5. Mix Dyes (wear dusk mask), check labels for how much dye to use

Alginate: Sprinkle the thickener into the chemical water or liquid dye slowly, mixing continuously. (You can also use a blender - add the alginate very gradually through the top with the blender going). Let sit for an hour or so, as it will continue to thicken before use. Refrigerate to store. Don't over-thicken, thinner is better. For paint-like consistencies, use ~1 - 4 tsp / quart water, depending on how thick you need it. For tie-dye use ~1/8 -1/2 tsp per 8 oz bottle of dye to slow or stop bleeding. Experiment, because each situation can be unique.

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