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Materials List

Materials List:
*several tubs - try the dollar store
*a wire rack
*lots of paper towels or several old towels you don't mind having stained
*heavy plastic gloves or lots of medical gloves
*a dust mask (hardware stores) optional
*measuring cups and spoons and a funnel that you will ONLY be using for dye projects (no cooking!)
*rubber bands
*something to stir with - such as bamboo skewers and wood chopsticks
*gallon size plastic bags that can be zip closed, or saran wrap
*soda ash - this fixes your dye to the fabric.  It is not the same as baking soda but is the same as the additive for pools that raises pH.  Some people use unscented laundry soda 
*fiber reactive dye - such as Procion powders or see Supplies list --->
*100% cotton T-shirts - such as Hanes T-shirts by the 5 pack at Target, Walmart, Kmart.  regular ones for summer wear   and the heavier ones for winter wear
*plastic squeeze bottles, or old shampoo bottles, or squeeze top creamer containers, etc.
*optional - artificial sinew (goes by names like waxed linen or waxed string, sometimes)

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